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Sunday, April 26, 2015

On a Ring and a Prayer

Jessie was having lunch with her best friend when her car got towed away. She calls to find out that her husband has cancelled her lease on her car. She goes home to find that he has left her, sold her house, cancelled her phone, and left the country. Nice guy, huh? After finding a detective to find all he can about her husband, she gets a small apartment, she finds a new friend, she sells her wedding rings for a small sum, and she opens a new business renting designer clothes to those who live on a ginger ale budget.

Sandra Bricker has written a great story, but I found it a bit incomplete. Jessie ends up landing on her feet, and finding the man of her dreams--after finding out that her dreams weren't what she thought they were. Sandra takes Jessie on a spiritual journey but doesn't quite complete it. Sandra built into Danny, the private detective, a strong faith that grew out of tragedy; but Jessie only has a spark of faith that by the end of the book has not quite fanned into flame. She's open, but she's not there yet. If Danny is true to his faith, he won't follow through with a relationship with Jessie. Sandra alludes to this in the book, but still doesn't quite make it complete. This is my worst criticism of the book.

I found the story compelling, especially the way Sandra wove in Jessie's life with her Grampy as flashbacks in the chapters. The way Sandra brought the characters together and pulled the warp and woof of their lives into a cohesive group is engaging and entertainer. The pacing of the plot keeps the reader involved in the book and reading onward, desiring the good ending.

Four Stars

My thanks to Abingdon Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

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