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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Promise of Grace

Belinda was killed in an accident about a year ago and now Silas and the children are moving to Pinecraft, near Sarasota, Florida. Living in Pinecraft is Rochelle Keim, once a girlfriend of Silas. They have a past together that they have to get through before they can have a future together. When Silas' daughter has an acute attack of appendicitis, some hidden truths have to come out that should have been revealed a long time ago.

Lynette Sowell has written an engaging Plain novel in a series taking place in Pinecraft, Florida. I was introduced to the Plain peoples living in Pinecraft in novels by Anna Schmidt and thoroughly enjoyed them. There are Mennonites, Old Order Amish, and other Plain people in between living in Pinecraft.

I will get the worst criticism out of the way first. Silas' daughter, Lena, needed a blood transfusion, and her blood type was O-, which the nurse is telling Silas that the blood type is very rare. Silas is quoted as having AB blood type. I googled blood types by percentages and found this information:

The approximate distribution of blood types in the U.S. population is as follows:
O-positive: 38 percent.
O-negative: 7 percent.
A-positive: 34 percent.
A-negative: 6 percent.
B-positive: 9 percent.
B-negative: 2 percent.
AB-positive: 3 percent.
AB-negative: 1 percent.

I don't always remember things I learned in high school, but I did learn that O- is the universal donor--O- blood is often used when the blood type is unknown because it is least likely to cause a reaction in the one needing the transfusion. AB+ is the universal receiver, least likely to have a reaction from the wrong blood type given. I found Lynette's description just a bit off, or maybe because of my own health issues, I have enough medical knowledge to be dangerous. This is the WORST criticism I have for the book.

Silas is a sympathetic main character who is finding his way after losing his wife. His primary desire after his family is to go back to Africa and be Mission Aviator. Even though it has been twenty years since seeing Rochelle, he still loves her, but he has to settle some of their history before he can truly re-enter into a relationship with her.

Rochelle is a dedicated woman who wants to finish her nursing degree and go into missions herself. Right at the beginning of the book, her two nieces live with her while they prepare for their weddings. They encourage her relationship with Silas, and she still has feelings for Silas, but again, their history has to be dealt with.

Lynette has put together a great story that sets roots down in your heart and brings dessert with it.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and dessert.

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