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Friday, June 5, 2015

Huckleberry Harvest

Jennifer Beckstrand writes some funny, touching Amish fiction. Huckleberry Harvest is another one of those with Anna and Felty and Anna's matchmaking efforts. Granddaughter Mandy is coming to visit for four weeks and Anna is on the move to find the man she believes her granddaughter should marry.

Noah Mischler is the supposed boyfriend of Mandy's best friend, Kristina. Kristina recruits Mandy to help her spy on Noah, to try to win Noah's heart. Only thing is Noah is more interested in Mandy than he ever was in Kristina. Anna doesn't believe that a match could be made between Mandy and Noah, so she parades a constant stream of potential suitors in front of Mandy. Felty, on the other hand, is working to get Noah and Mandy together.

There is only one MAJOR issue in Noah's life: his dad is an alcoholic and Noah bears his father's shame like an impenetrable cloak. Mandy only wants to help and Noah sees Mandy's help as interference. When Kristina tells Noah things that he thinks only Mandy knows, he jumps to the conclusion that Mandy has been telling the whole community his business.

Anna is still the kitchen disaster she's always been, yet busy as ever knitting potholders to hand out whenever the whim strikes her. Felty still sings his songs with his own twist on the lyrics. Their love for their grandchildren is still just as strong as ever and Anna especially cannot resist trying to make sure they are all matched up.

Jennifer writes compelling stories with well-developed characters. The only unfortunate thing in this novel is that she follows the romance novel formula. The novel still works and is still worth five stars, two thumbs up, and a knitted potholder to match your kitchen.

My thanks to Kensington Books for allowing me to read and review this book.

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