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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Flower Brides

Grace Livingston Hill wrote a lot in the early 1900's and a lot of what she wrote is sugary sweet. When I watch a cooking show called Chopped, the judges on the show often use the word "cloying" to describe something that's too sweet. This could almost describe Grace's writings--ALMOST. Barbour Books is re-releasing three of Grace's novels in one book--all three have significant connections to flowers. That's why it's called The Flower Brides. One thing that Grace weaves into her stories is a solid commitment to Jesus Christ. At least one character in each of the books needs to find the salvation only Jesus provides.

Marigold, Mystery Flowers, and White Orchids all take place in the 1930's with varying amounts of economic distress included in the plots. Marigold, Dianna, and Camilla are in some sort of dire straits, and, of course, some generous man comes to the rescue. This is Grace's romantic writing formula. Today's readers may not like the excessively sweet leading ladies, or the knights in shining armour who constantly swoop in to rescue the damsel in distress.

In order to read these books, light and sweet has to be what you are wanting at the moment. I give this collection a solid four stars.

My thanks to Barbour books for allowing me to read and review this collection.

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