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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Love's Rescue

I read the wrong book. I was supposed to be reading Love's Rescue, but I read Love's Rescue instead. I must say it was a good novel anyway. Tammy Barley has done a masterful job setting up her story and bringing it to an enchanting conclusion. Her characters are so well developed, the reader feels as if she knows them well.

Jessica Hale is a young lady who helps her father and his business partner in their import business. When she tries to find out what happened to her brother, she starts a firestorm that necessitates her rescue by Jake Bennett and being taken to his ranch far out in the wilds of Nevada.

In this book are unlikely friendships, gunfights, daring rescues, a mustang round up, secrets, and surprises--something will appeal to almost any reader. It is hard to put this book down and easy to read. It is enchanting, compelling, and engaging. In other words, I loved the book! Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a mustang to saddle-break.

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