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Friday, August 28, 2015

Praying the Bible

I have admired Donald Whitney's writings ever since I read his book on Spiritual Disciplines--it was even better than Dallas Willard's treatise on disciplines. Now I've had the opportunity to read his book on Praying the Bible, and I must say it was worth every minute of my time. He takes praying to a whole new level--he shows how to take a passage of scripture, make it relevant to daily life, and then use that passage in prayer in a way that is not boring or repetitive. As an example, he took the twenty-third Psalm and broke it down phrase by phrase, then he showed how each phrase could bring a prayer need to mind.

This book is easy to read, and with the plain language, easy to practice. It is not a long book--112 pages in the hardcover edition, but the depth that he brings to the discipline of prayer in his few words is not to be ignored. A definite FIVE STARS.

My thanks to Crossway Books who allowed me to read and review this book. My opinions are my own, not those of the publisher.

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