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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Mistress of Tall Acre

Laura Frantz has written quality work ever since she picked up a pen to write a novel. Her characters are not only deep, believable people, but they are also very likable (except for the ones she doesn't want her reader to like). After having read many of her novels and after having fallen in love with her writings since The Frontiersman's Daughter, I picked up The Mistress of Tall Acre with great anticipation. I was not disappointed.

First there is Sophie--her father was a Tory and fled the Colonies when the Revolution started. Her brother turned traitor with Benedict Arnold. She's trying to hold body and soul together at her family's plantation, Three Chimneys.

Then there is Lily Cate--she is a ray of sunshine throughout the novel--her father had to kidnap her to regain custody of her after the war was over, but she soon warms up to him, with Sophie's help. She falls in love with Sophie quite quickly too--especially when Sophie gives her a doll after she had to leave hers behind.

General Seamus Ogilvy is finally home from the war, and is trying to make Tall Acres a home again. His wife (as far as he knows) has passed away and he's got to make a home for his daughter and himself. With Sophie as his neighbor, he finds an easy companion, a wonderful role model for his daughter, and unexpectedly, a new love for himself.

Anne Ogilvy is Lily Cate's mother, and a more dislikable character I haven't encountered in a while. She's addicted to drugs and absinthe (very high alcohol content), she faked her death and went to England, and she hasn't been faithful to Seamus.

Laura has created an exceptionally readable novel with all the things readers like, sweet romance, a bit of mystery, some history, and a social conscience.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a plantation to keep you busy.

My thanks to Revell for allowing me to read and review this book. There was no obligation for a good review, only an honest one.

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