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Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Basket Brigade Christmas

Three novellas by three top-shelf authors about the darkest hour in American History. Taking place in Decatur, Illinois, three women who each have a different role to play in the Basket Brigade bring comfort to the wounded soldiers of the Union Army as they travel to Chicago for medical care.

Lucy has gotten a group of ladies together to sew blankets and knit socks for the soldiers in A Stitch in Time by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Lucy is almost taken in by a deserting gambler who sweet talks her when Silas is standing by as steady as a rock. It takes a scene in her own home for Lucy to understand who is really true.

Sarah McHenry organizes and serves food to the soldiers on the train in A Pinch of Love by Judith Miller. She meets and falls in love with Corporal Jacob Curtis who escorts the soldiers on their way to Chicago. He has to overcome his hurt and jealousy because of being jilted by a former love, especially when a young man vying for Sarah's hand makes his relationship with Sarah more than it truly is. God has to do a work in both their hearts for them to really come together.

Zona Evans is the leader of the Christmas Musicale in the Endless Melody by Nancy Moser. She was once engaged to Cardiff Kensington when he goes off to fight in the Mexican War. She never heard from him in the fifteen years since the war, and now there is a new war tearing the country apart. Cardiff has become a doctor and has been asked to come to Chicago to help in the hospital where the soldiers are treated. Between the people at his boarding house and the doctor and the volunteer at the hospital, he is encouraged to find Zona. Zona has to overcome her mother's perfidy in hiding Cardiff's letters, her pride, her desire to have her own way in her musicale. After making many amends in town, she writes a letter to a soldier in the hospital that ends up in Cardiff's hands. Now it is a beautiful Christmas Carol that brings them back together.

All three novellas are quite enjoyable and will make wonderful Christmas reading, especially with a cup of hot cocoa by your side.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a blanket, a sandwich, and a song.

My thanks to Barbour Books for allowing me to read and review this book.

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