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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Love Everlasting

This is the third of Tracie Peterson's Brides of Seattle series and brings the series to a satisfying conclusion. While each book says it is about a different couple or couples, the whole series is about Abrianna Cunningham and Wade Ackerman. The other characters are just extras to move the plot along.

In this book, Priam Welby is still trying to court Abrianna, while she realizes that she truly loves Wade. Priam uses his desire to bring down his own father to push, prod, and blackmail his way to getting what he wants--including Abrianna.

By the time I got to the third book of the series, I was bored with Abrianna. Her soup kitchen brought her father back to her after he'd been falsely imprisoned for twenty years.

There were some sweet moments and some really bad moments but it all culminates in a way that satisfies the reader. The outcome was truly never in doubt, as the whole series really centered around Abrianna and Wade.

Four Stars

My thanks to Bethany House for allowing me to read and review this book.

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