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Monday, October 19, 2015

Till We Meet Again

Ray Whipps is a young man in Ohio when Pearl Harbor is bombed. He tries to join the Navy pilot program, but the mathematics is too much of a challenge for him. He goes back home and is assured he can get into the Army flying program, but he is drafted first. He gets sent to Europe and is part of the landing on Utah Beach. As he makes his way across Europe he gets a thigh wound and gets sent to Cherbourg, France, to the hospital there where he meets Betty.

This memoir reads like a novel but it describes Ray's experiences in Europe during World War II. Some of the battle scenes are pretty graphic and the time that Ray spent in prison camp are recounted with careful detail. Interspersed in Ray's memories are some of Betty's letters that relate her growing love for Ray. Part of the mutual attraction is their individual faith in God. It is this faith that sustained Ray during some of his darkest days and gave Betty hope when she found out that Ray was missing.

Till We Meet Again is a quick read that holds the reader's interest quite well. After visiting my brother and hearing more of the stories my dad told of his time in the Coast Guard during World War II, this book held my attention. This is a five star book.

My thanks to Tyndale House for allowing me to read and review this book. My only obligation was to give my honest opinon.

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