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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Sapphire Season

Lynn Morris is the daughter of Gilbert Morris, the prolific Christian author, and writes a quite informative book.

Mirabella is a flibbertigibbert who has decided this is the season she will get married. Her best friend Giles has always been around to help her get out of her escapades and stand up with her in whatever capacity she needs. In making plans for the London Season, Mirabella convinces her friend, Josephine to go with her, and Giles brings Josephine's brother, Lewin, to experience the life of aristocracy. The goal is to see and be seen, to meet with the approval of the patronesses of Almacks, and to find a mate of marriageable material.

The strengths of the book include a detailed analysis of the manners of the aristocracy, the rankings of the aristocratic titles, and the trials of the aristocracy. The weaknesses of the book include a decided lack of movement in the plot. FOR ME, Mirabella had no depth. If she is an example of Regency Aristocracy femininism, I am glad I live when and where I do.

I do appreciate being given the opportunity to read the book by the Hachette Group. It is a three star book.

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