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Saturday, February 27, 2016

If the Prospect Pleases

Annora Nolan's parents died and she is taken in by the minister, his wife, and their incredibly spoiled daughter. After four years of being mistreated and accused of misdeeds by the daughter, the minister and his wife decide Annora should marry the son of a widow whose husband had recently died. On the wedding day, Annora sneaks out of the church with the help of her friend and takes a train to Wyoming to answer an ad for a housekeeper/babysitter for a rancher, whose ad said that "If the Prospect Pleases," marriage could ensue. Sally Laity has written a nice little historical romance that seems so familiar. A strong four stars.

As a bonus, this book comes with the book The Son of the Mountain by Gloria Brandt. Lydia Bennett is moving with her family to Darby, Wyoming, to open a general store. Caleb Jonas owns a ranch nearby where he hopes to raise cattle and horses. This story takes on the love story that grows between these two characters. For my taste it wasn't as good as Sally Laity's offering. There's a bit of mystery mixed in with some derring-do to move the plot along. Three stars.

Overall 3.5 stars.

My thanks to Barbour Publishing for allowing me to read and review this book.

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