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Monday, February 1, 2016

Rebekah's Babies

One snowy day in November Rebekah, North Star's midwife, delivered four babies during a blizzard. Now the babies are turning twenty-five and this journalist/contractor wants to find the babies (now grown-ups) and see where they are now. Rebekah knew the whereabouts of a couple of them, but a couple of the babies dropped off her radar entirely. Now it's almost Christmas in North Star, Pennsylvania, and the mostly Amish babies are getting ready to celebrate an Amish Christmas at North Star.

Guiding Star: Chase, the journalist, looks for Anna and finds her in Illinois, only her name isn't Anna, it's Elle, and she was adopted into an Englisch family. Chase eventually lures Elle back to North Star where she meets her grandparents, and her birth father. This novella was written by Katie Ganshert

Morning Star: Eden helps her parents with their candy shop and one of her favorite customers and best friends dies unexpectedly. The problem is that his death was pretty suspicious as well. She uses every spare minute to investigate the circumstances around his death and meets his great-nephew who wants his uncle's death solved too. Written by Amanda Flower

In the Stars: Savilla does Rebekah's paperwork for all the babies born at the birthing center and then she sews for clients who want her quality of work. A couple of years ago, she broke up with her boyfriend Kore because of a secret she was keeping. After Kore moved away, his brothers treated Savvy with disdain at the best, and out and out rudeness at the worst. Kore has to come back to town because his Mammi fell and was injured. Mammi had promised to care for a neighbor's children, but they can't get into the house and now don't know what to do. Savvy finds them and offers to take care of them, and somehow Kore is enlisted in helping Savvy take care of the children. Author is Cindy Woodsmall

Star of Grace: Andy's girlfriend, Nellie, left him to go get more education she thought she wanted. Andy took his broken heart to Mississippi to help rebuild a community damaged in a storm. Andy's younger brother, Sam, wants Andy to come home and does what he can to convince Andy to come for Christmas--to the point of getting a job and earning money to pay for Andy's ticket. When Sam and Andy's father is injured by one cantakerous cow, Sam gives the ticket money to help off-set the medical bills. When the man Sam had been working for learned what Sam was doing, he pulled a card from his sleeve to give the young boy the Christmas of his dreams. By Mindy Starns Clark and Emily Clark

The latter two stories involve couples with broken hearts and in need of healing, while the first two stories involve couples just meeting and getting acquainted. All of the stories have the sweet Amish personality in them with a bit of angst to keep the reader involved. Forgiveness is a theme that is woven in the warp and woof of the novellas and it's a lesson that is needed by many people--not just the Amish.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a quiet night at the birthing center.

Waterbrook/Multnomah provided the book in exchange for my honest review. Many Thanks.

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