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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

An Unbroken Heart

This is the second book in a series by Kathleen Fuller. I didn't realize I'd read the first book until I went back and looked through my blog. I also saw how many other books I've read by Kathleen. I have to say that Kathleen catches attention with her first sentences and doesn't release it until the book is finished.

In this episode, Joanna Schrock is about to be released from the rehab center after the hit and run accident that took her parents and left her badly broken. Her long-time crush, Andrew Beiler, comes to ask her to marry him, and while it's the right thing, it's the wrong time, but she accepts anyway. In the time leading up to her wedding, Joanna has many doubts, nightmares, and quite a bit of confusion about her upcoming marriage.

The subplots include the hit and run that killed her parents, her sister's failed romance, secrets about Andrew's father coming out, and some former residents of Birch Creek returning.

The reader gets the impression that Andrew is not as anxious to get married as he lets on, but when Joanna wants to postpone the wedding, he is seriously hurt by her actions. It takes a while for him to get over his hurt and to really see what Joanna was trying to tell him.

Even though it has been a while since I'd read the first book in the series, this book does not lose any of its charm. It can stand alone, or just be a continuation of the story. I can't wait to have the third book in this series to come up on my e-reader. When I reread my review of the first book in the series, I gave it only four stars, saying that the characters lacked depth and the plot needed beefing up for substance. I feel that Kathleen corrected these minor faults in this book and garnered herself a FIVE star review.

My thanks to Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read and review this book. My only obligation was to tell my honest opinion.

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