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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Heart's Heritage and the Magistrate's Folly

This book is a two-fer, two novels for the price of one.

First off, we have Heart's Heritage by Ramona K Cecil. It recounts quite the adventure where Brock and Annie inherit the same land equally, Annie gets kidnapped by the Shawnee, Brock gets arrested for desertion from the Army, Brock and Annie get married, Anna has a baby that was fathered by her first husband who was murdered by a man who hoped Annie would marry him.

This book has a plot that keeps the reader involved and engaged throughout the whole story. It is a Five Star tale worth reading.

Secondly, we have The Magistrate's Folly by Lisa Karon Richardson. This narrative tells the story of Merry Lattimore who was deported from England to Virginia on false charges of theft from her former employer. The magistrate in the case finds out that the former employer's son is the one who stole the jewels Merry was accused of taking. Graham Sinclair, the magistrate, decides to come to America to find Merry and let her know of her exoneration. While he's there, Merry's indenture owner is poisoned and dies. Merry takes it upon herself to find the true culprit in the case before a woman is executed for something she didn't do.

I found this one rather staid in plot ideas, but it could be my taste. I kept wanting to push the plot forward to stay engaged in the story. I am sure it is a good read, but it dragged for me. Four Stars.

My thanks to Barbour Books for allowing me to read and review this book.

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