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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Silver Suitcase

About five generations of women are covered in this book by new (to me, at least) author, Terrie Todd. The most significant portion of the book to me is Cornellia's visit by Aziel, the angel whose name means "The Power of God." While Terrie uses flash-backs throughout the book, there is still a continuity to the story and to the way the book reads. She also exhibits a lot of wisdom through her characters that often isn't seen in real people today.

Benita's best friend is her grandmother Cornelia and for a project for school finds out that her Gram knew the very first Canadian fatality of World War II. Gram tells Benita the story and flashes back to the days of the beginning of the war, to meeting Henry, through the summer of Henry's courtship, and then to his death. But she doesn't tell the whole story--however, the whole story is kept in her diaries--the diaries that she won't share with anyone until after she dies, then they will go to Benita.

Just days after Cornelia passed away, Benita's bosses die in a car crash and leave Benita and her husband both out of work. When Grace calls Benita to come help clean out Cornelia's home, Benita receives a silver suitcase full of things that Cornelia wanted to pass down to her, including her diaries. It is through reading the diaries that Cornelia's whole story is revealed, including the baby Cornelia had after Henry died, the one she gave up for adoption.

This is by far and away more than a Five Star book, two thumbs up, and a silver suitcase full of diaries.

My thanks to Waterfall Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

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