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Monday, April 25, 2016

Love Is Never Easy

The Valiant Hearts Romance Collection has nine stories that prove love is never easy. Beginning in the antibellum era and moving through to the Great Depression, these narratives describe love stories that came through the fire and survived. Sometimes the fire was war, sometimes it was more serious than that, but each time, love overcame every obstacle and triumphed.

Why do I read these stories? A friend once told me I like happy. It's true, I do. But there's something in me that NEEDS love to triumph every time. There is a love story that fights its way through wars, hardships, rebellion, and every kind of evil, and triumphs in a big way. At the end of all the struggle, a bride is dressed in eternal glory and presented to her savior husband, also dressed in eternal glory. Because love triumphed then, and triumphs still.

While I enjoyed most of the nine novellas in this compilation, there were one or two that I skimmed through because they didn't grasp my attention. The rest are fairly riveting and sometimes surprising. Solid Four Stars.

Barbour Books supplied this olio in exchange for my honest opinion. My thanks to them.

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