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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Heart Answers

Normally I like what Colleen Coble writes. Normally. I guess this time wasn't normal, not that much of my life is normal. I had a hard time believing the characters Colleen has populated The Heart Answers. Jessica is a pampered, puffed up flibbertigibbet, who is unreliable for anything. Clay is a judgmental preacher and both are going to Fort Bridger for new lives. Jessica plays games, Clay lets first impressions rule his heart. Jessica wants to go to Boston, and Clay would like for her to be there as well. And I didn't like either one of them.

It is hard to like the book's plot when you don't like the main protagonists. I think this could be a matter of taste, that these characters weren't my thing. I won't stop reading Colleen Coble's books, I like too much of her other books to throw the baby out with the bath-water. Three stars.

Thomas Nelson provided my copy for me to read and review. I was under no obligation to say pretty things about the book, I only had to give my honest opinion.

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