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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Simple Vow

Edith hears noises outside her home and goes outside to hear two men arguing in loud voices over who was the father of twin babies in one man's buggy. Edith does what any reasonable woman does, she goes outside and grabs the babies who are crying and berates the men for acting like little boys. One of the men is Will, once her sister's fiance, and the other is Asa, a man accused by Will's late wife of being the father of the babies. The problem is that Asa has never met Will's wife, and Will is too distraught in his own grief to think logically. In the meantime, Will wants Edith to take the twins and take care of them until he finds a more permanent solution. Asa is taken by Edith and wants to know her better. Thus begins the Amish story of A Simple Vow by Charlotte Hubbard.

Things I wish about this book:
Edith's father is secretive, autocratic, and dictatorial. I wish Charlotte had revealed what he was hiding, how he changed into a happier man by the end of the book, and truly what his objection was to Edith taking in the twins.

Asa's twin brother made some boneheaded decisions, played dirty with Asa, and generally created havoc in his wake, yet he was never called to confess his sins to the church. I understand this is a comman practice to call the recalcitrant back into fellowship within the Amish Church. He did, however, make restitution for his misdeeds.

Things I love about this book:

Edith and her sisters are incredibly lovable characters. Each one has her own talent and it shines within the plot of the story. The use of several characters from previous books in the series is seamless and flawless. The way the Amish work together to help each other out is shown as a shining example of loving others as Jesus loves us.

Charlotte has researched her subject well and works many of the Amish practices into her novels so that the reader learns something, finds encouragement, and is lifted spiritually as the book is being read.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and the most darling twins you ever did see.

My thanks to Kensington Publishing for allowing me to read and review this book.

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