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Friday, May 6, 2016

Go On and Kiss the Bride

There are three novellas in this collection and all three stories revolve around a kiss that sends rockets flaring into the sky. But all three stories reminded me of a song sung by two sweet, young ladies.

In the first novella of this olio, the formula for romance novels is already in play. Ashton broke up with Jenna during the wedding rehearsal, but now his sister wants Jenna to photograph her wedding and he has to come and make nice to Jenna to get her to agree to the job. He'd really like to rekindle the relationship, but Jenna isn't feeling the love, YET. Picture Perfect Love by Melissa McClone

Grant needs Skye to teach him to dance for his best friend's wedding, but the dancing lessons interfere with his working hours, so he has to schedule his lessons privately. What Skye does for Grant is to help him find the music within his heart. I Hope You Dance by Robin Lee Hatcher

Mac needs that one story to make her big break as a reporter, and her boss wants her to cover Hollis Channing's wedding (one that is supposed to be secret). Hollis is not Mac's favorite person, in fact, Hollis went out of her way to humiliate Mac at every turn. When Mac goes next door to get pictures of the wedding venue, she runs into Hollis' brother, Ethan, who has moved back to town to take over the medical practice. One fly in the whole ointment is Ethan's and Hollis' mother, who wants to have her finger in every little pot she can. It's a lot for Mac to overcome the old Hollis, the new Hollis, and the high school crush she had on Ethan, and she still has to write a story for the newspaper. Love on a Deadline by Kathryn Springer.

These three stories are easy to read, entertaining, and not at all formulaic. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a kiss that will buckle your knees.

My thanks to Zondervan for allowing me to read and review this book.

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