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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sarah's Surrender

Sarah was raised in a bordello, but ran away from her father with one of his girls and moved in with a woman who was soon to become like an older sister. While living with Lara, she became acquainted with one of the ranch hands, Luke. Luke has fallen in love with Sarah, but she's sure that there's something else out there for her to do. She finds that there is going to be a land lottery and decides to put her name in for it. Luke also puts his name in for the lottery. After they move, Luke is still trying to get Sarah to recognize that he does love her and he wants her to marry him.

I've read some of Vickie McDonough's books and found them to be satisfyingly readable. I found this one a bit lackluster, and had to give it up before I finished it. It's good enough for three stars, but I can't go much higher than that. I feel sure this is a matter of taste and it is just me, and not Vickie's writing abilities. Not every book by my favorite authors is going to send me tripping the lights fantastic. Sarah's Surrender had me surrendering a bit early.

I do want to thank Shiloh Run Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

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