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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Close to Home

Bree is the widow of Tim Whitman, daughter-in-law of Grant and Audrey--who own Chicory Inn B & B. It's been five years since Tim was killed in Afghanistan and Bree is wondering if it is time to start allowing another man into her life. She still loves Tim, she still hurts because of his absence, and she wonders if her in-laws would be offended if she started dating. Just two cubicles away from her at work is a man who would love to be her true love, but he's rather impatient with her. At the regular Tuesday dinners at the Chicory Inn is Drew, her brother-in-law, Dallas', brother.

Deborah Raney has done such a wonderful job with this series, I'd like to read the whole thing over again, start to finish. Close to Home is the fourth book in the series, and there is only one more Whitman child to marry off, which necessitates one more book in the series.

Some of the side issues revolve around Grant's mother CeeCee or Cecelia, who seems to be losing ground with her health and mental well-being. Grant wants to build a cottage for her on the Chicory Inn grounds and seems to get her permission to do that. But CeeCee makes things hard on the family, not wanting to move from her home of over fifty years. When Grant finds her on the ground in front of her house, things seem to be working out for Grant and Audrey to look after CeeCee.

Definitely a Five Star, Two Thumbs Up, and a noisy family dinner.

I truly appreciate Abingdon Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

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