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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Room with the Second Best View

Al and Millie Richardson are working to refurbish an old Victorian home into a Bed and Breakfast Inn in Goose Creek, Kentucky. Justin has been doing the labor in exchange for his room and board until he marries Susan. Everything is going just fine until Aunt Lorna comes to town and tries to take over the wedding plans for Justin and Susan, and actually she tries to take over the B & B. Virginia Smith has given us another installment in the Tales from Goose Creek B and B series.

Aunt Lorna feels that Justin and Susan are planning to fail by not making plans that suit her. She wants them to have a "big" wedding, with flowers, guests, cake, and the works. To say that Aunt Lorna is overbearing is a gross understatement. She tries to tell Millie how to run the B & B (even though it's not open yet, but she arrived three weeks early to take up residence), she tries to tell Susan how to plan her wedding, and she brought her other nephew, Ross, with her to help out.

On the flip side of things, Millie is on the Main Street Program committee to celebrate Goose Creek's sesquicentennial. But before one important meeting, Millie falls and sprains her wrist and bruises her tail bone, therefore Al has to attend the meeting in Millie's stead. One issue in front of the committee is who is going to be in charge of finding the money to do all that needs to be done to spruce up the town. The only one willing to take over as the manager for the Main Street Program is Lulu Thackery--a most obnoxius woman who doesn't understand tact, discretion, or quietness. Millie believes in Lulu and takes the time to help her out, and actually becomes friends with Lulu. Lulu returns the favor by bringing Millie a Parsnip Cake, that surprisingly tastes good.

This is a fascinating book with another look at the people who populate Goose Creek and it is a strong four-star book. There are times that the plot is a bit slow, but overall, it's a good book.

My thanks to Harvest House for allowing me to read and review this book.

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