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Thursday, July 14, 2016

God Bless Us Everyone

I love novellas to read between reading bigger, meatier books. They're like a palate cleanser between courses of food. I just finished Eva Marie Everson's novella God Bless Us Everyone and found it to be a perfect palate cleanser. Now, I can start another bigger, meatier book. The problem with novellas is that the story isn't quite as full as a regular novel, and the characters aren't quite as complete. But that didn't detract from the gist of the story.

Charlie has lost her job and her first recourse is to move back to her home with her grandmother. For some reason the headmaster of the school where she worked didn't like the way she taught the music in the school. When she got to her grandmother's place, her grandmother, Sis, convinced her to work with the choir in the local production of "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens.

There is a bit of romance in this book, but the bulk of the story is the reuniting of Charlie with her father--an ex-convict who runs a homeless shelter. Sis wants Charlie to believe her dad has changed, Charlie withholds judgment because she distrusts her father.

Eva Marie has worked magic with this short little story and it provides a short afternoon of entertainment. Five Stars.

My thanks to Abingdon Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

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