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Friday, September 2, 2016

A Royal Christmas Wedding

All the time I was reading this book, I was thinking of another book I've read many times, simply called The Princess by Lori Wick. There were several similarities between the two books, a royal marries someone of common background. A primary difference includes the fact that the Prince in A Royal Christmas Wedding has already fallen in love with his "Princess" before they marry. It was just a matter of coming to a common mind on their releationship. The primary problem is that Prince Colin's father is against the match and tries to get his son to marry a woman of his choosing instead of Avery Truitt, the college volleyball star. Prince Colin has a dickens of a time convincing his father that he alone has the right to choose whom to wed.

Rachel Hauck
has woven into her Princess story an old tradition about a chapel bell ringing at midnight after the Harvest Festival and how the ringer of the bell has until Christmas morning to convince the love of his life to marry him.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It has just the right amount of fluff and such a beautiful happy ending for me.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and an agreeable father-in-law.

My thanks to Zondervan Publishing for allowing me to read and review this book.

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