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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Guide Me Home

I have to say this latest offering by Kim Vogel Sawyer fits this bill completely.

Reb Hardin and her family are still mourning the loss of the only boy in the family. Reb's mama wants a headstone for Andy's grave, but there is no money for it. Reb seeks a job at Mammoth Caves, near her home. She dresses as her brother, then talks to Tolly, the head of the guides about working in the caves. Tolly is no fool and knows from the very beginning that she's a girl, and takes her under his wing.

Devlin Bale is a student at the University of Kentucky and takes on mapping the trails through the caves as his senior project. With Tolly and Reb as his guides, he makes great strides on his project. But there is something about Reb that draws him to her, especially after he finds out she's a girl.

As another sub-plot, Kim has worked in Reb's sister, Cissy, into a story of her own. Cissy is entering a full-fledged rebellion that is only going to lead her into trouble with a capital T.

Kim has worked into her plot the fact that EVERYONE needs forgiveness, peace, and strength that only comes from God. It takes some pretty dire circumstances to bring that about, but Kim's ability to write has provided the platform for proclaiming the source of these things and all things created on this earth. Tolly's wisdom and Reb's strength will speak to the reader in ways never encountered before.

This is a five-star, two thumbs up book with a tour through a cavern to amaze and delight you.

Waterbrook/Multnomah provided the galley I read for this book. My only obligation was to give an honest review.

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