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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Love Bears All Things

In the first book of this series, Charlotte is in the Amish Community disguised as an Amish person, trying to find out why her brother killed himself. Now, Charlotte is back in this same community, humble, begging forgiveness, and broke. She has been evicted from her apartment in Houston because her clients delay paying her for her editing work, her boyfriend broke up with her, and she feels God leading her back to Lancaster. Before she can get her skit together, Jacob shows up on her doorstep, having left home to "find himself." Welcome to Love Bears All Things.

Once Charlotte gets back to Lancaster, she moves back in with Hannah's family for a time, tries to help the family that helped her before, and puts her brother's death into perspective.

In writing this segment of the Amish Secrets series, Beth Wiseman has continued her incredible writing and made another book so worth reading, that I'd be willing to set aside any commitments I had for the day to delve into Lancaster County and see where she's taking me for the day. I am hoping for another book in the series to tie the three together. These are some of the conundrums I want to have answered:

Jacob is in Hot Water.
Charlotte may be falling for Daniel and will have to make a decision about the Plain life.
Hannah and Isaac are preparing to get married
Charlotte finds out that she has a sister, but has no idea where to find her.
Annie is still waiting on Jacob, but he seems to be embracing the Englisch life.
Edna is displaying some signs of mental instability.
Daniel and Annie's mother is pregnant at age 52.

This is a five star, two thumbs up book, with a piece of fresh baked bread slathered with butter.

My thanks to Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read and review this book. It is so worth the time.

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