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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mattie's Pledge

There are times that the wanderlust just gets to us and we need to go! Mattie was in such a position. Her family was moving from Pennsylvania to Indiana to help populate a new Plain community. Also in the move were some families Mattie had known before her family moved to where they are now, including Jacob Yoder's family. Mattie is ready for this move, but she wants to go farther than planned--she wants to go all the way to Oregon and to the ocean.

Jacob is excited to see Mattie and truly he wants to make her his bride, but her desire to go see more holds him back. The other concerns on his mind is his mother and her pregnancy. That there is a midwife among the group that is moving eases his mind a bit. When the midwife says that there may be twins, Jacob's concern ratchets up a bit.

Then there are the Bates brothers, Cole, Darrell, and Hiram. They are horse thieves but they try to look like travelers and they see that the Amish group has some really nice horses. They spend the next few weeks trying to get the horses without much luck, and what luck they do encounter is all bad.

Jan Drexler
does not write the "average" Amish novel, if there is such a thing, but her writing is intriguing with a twist of sass. Mattie's Pledge takes the life of the Amish on the road to a new locale. Jan has created an extremely readable book that will while away a couple of afternoons in pleasurable pastime. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a Conestoga Wagon to transport your imagination to new places.

My thanks to Revell for providing the galley I was allowed to read and review.

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