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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Searching the Scriptures

Years ago, I heard Chuck Swindoll preaching on the fruits of the Holy Spirit. He mentioned that the go-to scripture is in Galatians, and that many people believe that is the ONLY fruit of the Holy Spirit, but then he went on to explain there are so many more:
The Fruit of our Lips is in Hebrews
The Fruit of our Contribution is in Philippians
The Fruit of our Character is in Galatians
The Fruit of our Conduct is in Romans
The Fruit of our Witness is in Acts
I took notes while listening to that radio sermon and then put them away. Several years pass and I find them again, and decided to take on finding out what Chuck was actually talking about.

Now he has a new book, Searching the Scriptures, in which he details the methods I used to find out exactly what he was talking about back then. It took a little spark of inspiration to find the nuggets of truth about this subject. His book is a challenge to hear what God is speaking directly to your own heart. He gives techniques, instruction, examples, and challenges. His writing style is informative as well as informally easy to read.

I count Chuck Swindoll as one of the few radio preachers worth listening to. This is a Five Star Book

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