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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Lilac Year

My husband hates lilacs, he feels their scent is too strong--and it is a rather strong aroma, but I love the tiny blossoms and the gorgeous colors.

Mariah Rose is looking for her nephew, Joshua, as she is his only living relative and she wants to raise him since her sister died. She traces his movements to Dakota Territory to find he's been adopted and the man who adopted him is so sweet and so gentle. Ben Harris is instantly attracted to Mariah and wants her to stay around. The wager is made that if she can get lilacs to grow within a year, she can take Joshua back with her. Before the year is up, though. . .

Rose Kelly is the second novella in this book, and Rose is a journalist uncovering secrets that have lain hidden for a long time and would be better left hidden. She also uncovers love with a homesteader.

In reading these offerings by Janet Spaeth, I read The Lilac Year all the way through. I enjoyed watching Mariah Rose try to find her nephew and wondering when Ben's secret would finally dawn on Mariah. As far as Rose Kelly's story went, I found it a bit too predictable and jumped ahead to read the ending. However it is worth picking up just to read The Lilac Year. Four strong stars.

My thanks to Heartsongs Presents for allowing me to read and review this book.

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