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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Waves of Mercy

I absolutely LOVE Lynn Austin, I'd study a menu if she wrote it. So when I saw her newest book on the list of potential reviewable books, I jumped on getting the e-galley. I was right. Waves of Mercy is one tremendous book with parallel plot lines, incredible characters, unbelievable settings, and unrelenting conflict within the plot. The other thing Lynn has worked into her book is a great deal of spiritual growth.

At the beginning of the book, Geesje is a young lady whose family is being persecuted for their faith. Her father decides to move once, gets run out of town again, and so he decides to emigrate to America. Geesje is reluctant to come with the family because she has fallen in love and wants to stay until her love can come with her.

Anna is a young lady who has dreams of a shipwreck in which she watches her Mama drown and she is given to her father to save. Her engagement is broken because she goes to a church her fiance does not agree with.

Derk is Geesje's "adopted" nephew who is the grandson of the man she was in love with back in the Netherlands. He is studying for the ministry and wants more than anything to understand and live in God's will. His fiancee doesn't want to make the sacrifices of being a minister's wife and breaks up with him. During the time that Anna is in town, she befriends Derk--who is working at the hotel where she is staying.

It is because of Anna's and Derk's friendship that Anna begins to have answers to her questions, but even her answers begin to add more questions. But, eventually, Derk introduces Anna to Geesje, and answers begin to form.

There is no romance, per se, but the love that comes through the pages of this tome is real, is tangible, and is eternal. This is a five-star, two thumbs up book with Dutch pancakes for breakfast.

My thanks to Bethany House for allowing me to read and review this book. It was certainly my pleasure.

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