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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Newcomer

Suzanne Woods Fisher has a way of writing Amish fiction that is compelling at the very least. Her research is impeccable and her plots move along like water in a babbling brook--steady, but neither too fast nor too slow. In her newest novel, The Newcomer, she's branched out into historical Amish fiction. This historical fiction novel takes the reader back to mid-1700s. The Fancy Nancy has ported in Philadelphia and the immigrants are slowly being allowed to get off the ship. Bairn has found his parents and fallen in love with Anna. Now it's time for the group to find where they are going to settle. They have land warrants that are north of Lancaster, but those land warrants aren't going to do them any good.

Suzanne has included a con artist who fools most of the settlement, an imp full of mischief, and the odd assortment of busy-bodies that create any group of settlers. When Bairn decides to go back to sea (the lure of money took him there), Anna is not sure that she can wait for him, even as much as she loves him. News comes to the settlement that the ship Bairn is on caught fire and it is reported there are no survivors, so Anna marries the newcomer to fill a need within the settlement.

This is a great book that includes a couple of historical figures, a great deal of information about pioneering and settling the country, a cast of likable characters, and the hardships of creating a new settlement. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a new cabin in the woods.

My thanks to Revell Publishing for allowing me to read and review this book.

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