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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

An Uncommon Courtship

Trent was walking across his estate when he saw a horse beside an old keep on the property. As he was investigating, he fell through the rotted floor and found Adelaide Bell harvesting mushrooms. While they are trapped, they believe someone will come along to rescue them, and they do hear a wagon go by, but it doesn't seem to stop. After spending the night together, Trent believes the thing to do is to ask Adelaide to marry him. Her mother insists on the banns being read immediately to protect Adelaide's reputation. Within three weeks, Trent and Adelaide are married and living in London.

Problems begin almost immediately because Trent and Adelaide don't know how to communicate with each other. They begin a dance of avoidance and pussy-footing around each other. Trent's staff doesn't really approve of his actions. He doesn't know how to correct the poor beginning they had, until one night, he sits down with Adelaide and tells her he wants to court her and give her the London season her mother never gave her.

Adelaide's mother is another fly in their ointment, she's a social climber and works every angle to improve not only her social standing, but also her older daughter's status as well.

It's hard not to put yourself in Trent's and Adelaide's places and feel their discomfort. Kristi Ann Hunter describes their emotions and feelings so well. And it's hard not to dislike Adelaide's mother throughout the whole book. The one thing I liked best about this book is that all the loose ends are tied up nicely resolved. Kristi doesn't force the resolutions, the resolution of the book seems natural and organic.

Five stars, two thumbs up, and a greenhouse pineapple farm.

My thanks to Bethany House for allowing me to read and review this book.

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