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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Journey Toward Home

Carol Cox writes historical novels with a humorous twist and creates an entertaining read for her fans.  In this offering from Barbour Books, she has two stories make a complete narrative, and both are highly entertaining.

Journey Toward Home details the life of Judith Alder as she's moving from Missouri to New Mexico to live with her uncle instead of with her aunt.  In order for her aunt to allow her to make the move, her aunt set her up to travel with a family going west in a wagon train. The woman of the family was extremely severe and actually resented Judith being with the family, and at the first opportunity, the family abandoned Judith in the middle of the desert.  Judith learns how resilient she really is.

Measure of a Man, which is a bonus story in the book picks up a few years after Journey Toward Home ends.  Lizzie is looking for "that" one man who will love her and keep her life adventurous.  There are two men vying for her attention, and they are vastly different in lifestyle, beliefs, and basic character.  Lizzie has a tough choice ahead of her.

This is the first book with a bonus story that had a connection to the first novel in the book, and I thought that added to the charm of the collection.

Five stars, two thumbs up, and a move west.

I would like to thank Barbour Books for allowing me to read and review this book.

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