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Monday, March 6, 2017

Treasured Grace

One of the first things I learned about after I moved to Washington State was the Whitman Massacre.  When my children were about six and eight, we went to Walla Walla to visit the Mission.  To see where history happens is one of those experiences everyone should have.

Tracie Peterson has written a novel that brings history to life in the Whitman Mission Massacre.  She has done her research well, she has developed characters to flesh out the plot lines, her plot and setting are incredible, she has added intensity to the telling of the story to make it more than just  retelling of the history of the events.

Grace Martindale and her two younger sisters have come west with a man Grace married so that he could set up a mission for the "savages."  Along the way, he died, and Grace was left alone with her sisters to finish out the trip.  Grace has been gifted with the gift of healing and knows how to use herbs and other botanicals for her remedies.  She butts heads with Dr Whitman about helping people with their ailments.  I truly believe that Tracie researched these characters well to show how they acted in real life.  I never realized the ego Dr Whitman had. Egos clashing played a large part of the massacre.

But Grace had an ego of her own that she had to overcome, especially when it came to her love life, but she did and she did it graciously.

This is a five star book, two thumbs up, and healing for your soul.

My thanks to Bethany House for allowing me to read and review this book.

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