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Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

and make believe it came from you.  I'm gonna write words oh so sweet, they'll knock me off my feet.

Seven ladies in Turtle Springs, Kansas, have pooled their money together to post an ad in several newspapers nationwide in order to find a husband.  The Civil War has decimated the male portion of the population, leaving many young maidens without prospects for a spouse. The men are to show up to audition for their prospective wives.  Each woman gets to choose whether or not to pursue a relationship with the man whose eye she catches.

This olio of stories has only seven novellas which gives the author a bit more time and space to work with her characters and since all of the stories are set in the same place, the settings were not hard to work with, and the plot development could still be personalized by each individual author.  This is one of the best collections Barbour Books has put out. Because the novellas get more space, the authors are able to refine their books with a bit fewer constraints.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a letter from your mancrush.

My thanks to Barbour Books for allowing me to read and review this book.

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