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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

When Tides Turn

Sarah, you are my BFF for life (that may be a little redundant, but you get my meaning).  Just sayin'.

Sarah Sundin writes WWII era romance and does it better than any other author I've read who also writes for this era.  That being said, When Tides Turn is her newest offering in the genre and it is definitely up to her impeccable standards.

Quintessa Beaumont has been in love with Dan Avery since she met his sister, Lillian while they were growing up.  Dan is a single-focused Navy man with pinpoint vision lasered in on his career.  When Quintessa is overlooked for promotion at Filene's Department Store, she decides to join the WAVES and actually do something for the war effort.  Dan is working to move his career along, but he has one fly in his ointment--an officer he once reported for conduct unbecoming.

Sarah has included a bit of espionage, spy-counter spy activity, murder, attempted murder, and top secret maneuverings.  Then there is romance that has already bloomed and is coming to fruition.  It's quite a rollicking reading.

Things I loved about this novel:

  • The war in the Atlantic against the German U-Boats
  • The destroyer escorts that played a minor role in the book, but a major roll in the war 
  • The aircraft carriers that made a huge difference in the war
  • The accuracy of the war facts woven into the novel
Sarah develops her characters over a series of novels but that only adds to the attraction of her books. 

This is a Five Star, Two Thumbs Up book, with a hot danish to have with your tea. 

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