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Friday, May 5, 2017

Whispers of the Wind

Frances Devine is the author of the first story of this book and I put off reading this one because sometimes these books are a bit lacking in substance even though they are full in entertainment.  This one is significant in substance and is not only an entertaining read, but is also a meaty read.

Abigail is the new teacher at the Celeste Quincy School for the Deaf and she wants to shake things up--teaching the children sign language for part of their education. She meets with opposition with the director of the school at first.  When the owner of the school visits, she is able to get her idea with the sign language instituted and it works with great success.

Abigail is also assigned to teach a young girl, Lily Ann, who is blind.  She is at the school because there is no place else to take her.  Abigail wants to teach Lily Ann braille and Lily Ann wants to learn sign.

Much of Lily Ann's story reads like how Helen Keller was educated.  Abigail forms the signs in Lily Ann's hands and explains what she's doing.  Before long, Lily Ann can sign to the other students, and they sign in her hands to communicate with her.

In the second story--The Scent of Magnolia, Frances continues the story with one of Abigail's co-teachers at the center of the narrative, and a student, Molly,  Both stories are five star, two thumbs up, and the sign for teacher.

My thanks to Barbour Books for allowing me to read and review this book. 

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