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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Trip to Arkansas

Three books in one cover and all of them take place in RoseBud, Arkansas. I'll admit I had to look RoseBud, Paradise, and Romance up on an Arkansas map. They are small towns near Searcy, Arkansas, which is just north of Little Rock. So there were three Arkansas Weddings in the town of Romance, Arkansas.

Adrea Welch prepares a bouquet of white roses every year for Grayson Sterling and his son Dayne to put on his wife's grave. She was killed by a drunk driver, Adrea's former fiance. While Grayson and Adrea both have hurts that have to be healed, Adrea's brother Mark and Grayson's twin sister Grace find romance. But, . . .

Laken Kroft becomes Hayden's boss; Hayden is raising his nephew, Brady, who is in a wheelchair, after his sister dies of cancer; Laken's brother Colin is Brady's father and wants to take him to California. All of this adds up to hurdles and bumps and detours on the way to true love.

Shell took Adrea's fiance away from her and broke Adrea's heart, but now she's back in Romance overseeing the renovations of the town mansion into a Bed and Breakfast. The landscaper is Ryler Grant--once a lover of Shell's, but Ryler doesn't know that Shell has a son. Laken and Colin don't know that Ryler is their brother.

I wanted to read this book of novels because, again, I am from Arkansas and I miss my home state. These three stories follow the romance novel formula: boy meets girl
boy falls in love with girl
boy loses girl
boy gets girl back
Everyone lives happily ever after.

In spite of all that, these were enjoyable stories. Not exactly five star quality, but worth the time to read them for a little escape from reality. I'll definitely look for more titles by Shannon Taylor Vannatter.

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