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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Searching

Travis and Bill, Frankie and Joyce, Dot and Susie, and Matt have formed the search committee to find a pastor for their church in North Carolina. Bill generally drives the Ford Econoline van that takes them to their various candidates' churches, but sometimes Travis drives. They map out their route ahead of time, but sometimes their mapping skills don't work all that well for them.

When they get lost in Croatan National Forest going between two churches in the same day, the rangers who find them have to chuckle about the lost search committee. There is always an adventure to be had on the search committee's visits to the various churches: getting stuck in an elevator, getting a flat tire, scratching your ribs and being called on to make a prayer request, the list is as entertaining as the rest of the book.

I believe Tim Owens has served on at least one search committee, because he pins down the collective personality as well as the individual personalities of all the members. He's got the whole search process down pat. This book really pulled me into it and made me sad to leave it when I finished it. I wanted to see more of the members' lives.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a Ford Econoline Van.

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