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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Circle of Spies

Roseanna M White has hit a major homerun with her Culper Ring series. I read and reviewed the first book in this series here, and while I have jumped book number two, it was no problem to pick up the story and carry on from there. In Ring of Secrets, the Culper spy ring is operating during the Revolutionary War. Whispers of Shadows takes place during the War of 1812, now in Circle of Spies, the Culper spy ring is operating in the Civil War.

Marietta Hughes is widowed and living in Baltimore in her husband's home with his mother. His brother has bought the house across the street and hopes to marry her. While away on business, Devereaux, the brother, runs into Slade Osborne--a Pinkerton agent--and hires him to watch out for his interests in the railroad he runs. Devereaux is a Confederate and a secret society member bent on overthrowing Lincoln's government, Slade is a Unionist, Marietta doesn't really have a side in the war, but looks to her own interests first and foremost. Marietta, however, has a special talent her grandfather wants her to use for the Culpers--an eidetic memory.

Roseanna puts just the right amount of suspense in the book to grip the reader and not let go, just the right amount of romance to feed all the romantic notions of a true fan, and enough realism to really connect with her reader. Marietta's guilt over her sins is an emotion all too real for me; I've been there, I've done that, and I'll forego the t-shirt, thank you. Her abilities to see something once and remember every detail about it is astonishing, and as Marietta says, it's entertaining as a parlor trick, but this ability lets her help the Culper ring in ways she never imagined possible.

I took an eidetic memory test, just to see if I had it. I don't, but here is where you can find the test, if you want to try.

I give this book Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a memory that just won't quit.

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