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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Not So Beautiful

I've read several books by Lisa Samson and thoroughly enjoyed them. The BEST thing I can say about A Thing of Beauty is that it did not take long to read. Fiona (Fia) Hume has been a child star who divorced her parents because they were mishandling her money. Now she lives in Baltimore, pretty much in seclusion. She's been through a typical child star life, including rehab, and now just wants to be herself without all the paparazzi, without notice. She is now a professional escort with a few exclusive clients who respect her boundaries. Basically, she allows herself to be arm-candy for men who need dates for important functions. Her parents are definitely disfunctional, but she does make peace with her father, and in the process makes peace with herself.

Nowhere in this book does faith come into play, the plot is rather disjointed, the characters have some depth but not enough. I think I am getting snarky here. I didn't like the book, and I don't think this is up to Lisa's usual quality. This won't keep me from reading her other books, but this one is a miss. Two Stars.

Thomas Nelson provided this book in exchange for my honest review.

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