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Saturday, November 7, 2015

All We Need Is a Reason

I'm not sure if I have read a book by Kellie Coates Gilbert or not. No matter. After today, I can definitively say that I have read one of her books and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A Reason to Stay details the life of Faith Marin, a young woman whose rising career in broadcast journalism is just taking off. It helps to understand that Faith's upbringing was not conventional, normal, or even remotely functional. Her father was killed in a car wreck with his mistress, her mother committed suicide, her brother was an addict, and she's joined herself to a man whose family doesn't recognize boundaries. Faith sees the need to justify her very existence through her work--in fact, her work is her identity--and there lies the conflict in her marriage.

My worst criticism for this book is Faith's spiritual life, it never truly gets settled to my satisfaction. I realize this is fiction and as such, the author has the final say about how things are worked out. My thing is the beginnings of Faith's faith-life are in the book, but bringing her to a full-faith in Christ condition wouldn't have been that hard.

My favorite aspect of the book is how Faith changes after the gunshot. Her evolution from a self-centered, self-absorbed woman to a loving, giving, and generous person is incredible. Dr Viv is great at getting into Faith's head and helping her to see her drive is counter-productive to her recovery and that she should be more accepting of herself. It is almost as if Dr Viv is a Christian, but the politically correct thing does not allow for her to say so.

This is more than a Five Star, Two Thumbs Up, and a breaking news story book. That's just all I am allowed to give it.

My thanks to Revell for allowing me to read and review this book.

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