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Monday, February 6, 2017

A Fragile Hope

Every now and again when I review a book on Amazon, the site will ask me my impression of the plot--was it light, dark, suspenseful, thought-provoking, etc. A Fragile Hope is ponderous. Karin Carrington is leaving her husband (at least for a time), but before she gets to the airport, her car crashes into a tree. Josiah gets a call late at night telling him that his wife is in the hospital in the next town over.

Josiah is a marriage health guru who writes books on keeping your marriage in prime condition. He can't see that his marriage is crumbling around his ears. The rest of A Fragile Hope details the angst and deep thinking Josiah does to find out how his marriage got to the condition it is in. Cynthia Ruchti has done a masterful job in looking into the lives of those with deep brain trauma, and all that goes into the recovery of a DBT. I love the fact that Cynthia brought in two different doctors with two different philosophies of treating these traumas.

This is a five-star book, two thumbs up, and an autographed book.

My thanks to Abingdon Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

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