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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Love's Compass

There are two novels in this book, and if the compass is pointing in the right direction, it points Southwest.  Both novels take place in the New Mexico/Arizona area, near Four Corners. Carla Gade and Darlene Franklin have offered two light-hearted stories to make this an entertaining read from the first page to the last.

The last two books I read before this selection were heavy, dark reads, and I needed to have the reading atmosphere lightened up.  I'll always appreciated Barbour Books for publishing books that fit this niche.

In Carla Gade's offering, Eliana is her father's assistant photographer.  She and her father travel around Colorado and New Mexico taking photographs of people, and landscapes to record the history and scenic beauty of the area.  Yiska Wilcox is their guide and he begins falling in love with Eliana and falls even more in love with her as secrets are revealed to her and from her.

In Darlene Franklin's part of this book, Muriel is a stage actress doing a movie for the renowned director Rex Pride.  He's making a movie about a Romeo/Juliet type love between two members of competing Native American tribes in the Mesa Verde area of southern Colorado.  What makes this a great book is the way Darlene has worked the plan of salvation into the story.  She portrays Rex as a man who covers his misery with driving achievements.

These are five star stories, with two thumbs up, and a trip to Four Corners.

My thanks to Barbour Books for allowing me to read and review this book.

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