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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Brides of Montana

Cathy Marie Hake is an author with a significant humorous streak to her writing.  I have loved her stuff for many years.  Kelly Eileen Hake is Cathy Marie's daughter and writes in the same genre and for a long time, I felt she needed to grow to be as good as her mother.  With the three novellas in the collection, Brides of Montana, Kelly has grown up.  These are the best offerings she has produced. 

Using the passage from Ecclesiastes 3, she uses a single theme for each novella, and each novella covers a generation of a group of families who all moved to Montana together.  Taking place in the years 1864, 1886, and 1916, the families all face different challenges that make the stories come together.  The repetition of characters throughout the novels allows for significant development.  

Delana and Dustin move through misunderstandings before they get their act together.  Rosalinnd wants adventure and the coming of the railroad brings the opportunities for those adventures.  Nessa and Isaac have been paired together by their families ever since they were born.  It takes a new family coming to town to show them what true love is. 

This is a five-star book, two thumbs up, and a homestead in Montana. 

My thanks to Barbour books for allowing me to read and review this book. 

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